Meet Our Doctors

Our original intention was to provide high quality eye care for low-to-mid income families in the Metro Denver area. We erroneously assumed that local efforts, such as Medicaid and the Denver Rescue Mission, were adequately serving the truly indigent market, and we wanted to pick up where those organizations left off, up to the demarcation for mid income.

After further market exposure, we better understand the difficulty for an individual to get an eye exam under Medicaid; due to a lack of Metro area providers, lack of ability to travel to outlying areas where Medicaid providers are accepting new patients, and qualification requirements.

Therefore, we expanded service to all un-insured families, with an income under $45,500 per year.

Jay S. Greenstein, O.D.

Dr. Greenstein was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts.  After graduating from Boston Latin School (the oldest continual Public school in the country) he entered the University of Massachusetts graduating in 1970 with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology.  In 1972 he attended New England College of Optometry.  After graduating, he worked in Israel at the Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem before being offered a position at the Iranian Medical Institute in Tehran, Iran.  His position there was to fit specialty contact lenses for certain post-surgical cases.
Upon returning to the States, he moved to Colorado in 1977 and opened his first office in Denver. In 1983,  he opened a second location in Littleton.  Both locations are currently still is Dr. Greenstein himself. 
He was president of VOSH for 20 years, a service organization dedicated to bringing eye care to the underprivileged.  He personally has gone on over 20 volunteer missions to Mexico and Central America.  Most recently he has volunteered for "Von's Vision", a free clinic sponsored by Von Miller of the Denver Broncos.
Dr. Greenstein is an avid skier, snowboarder and guitarist. He now considers himself a confirmed Coloradan now, although his accent has persisted!  Dr. Greenstein is now semi-retired and in his spare time plays guitar to entertain residents of local nursing homes.

  • Reduced Administrative Tasks

We do not accept any insurance plans, so we do not need additional staff for billing and auditing. We are allowed to discount services without restrictions from insurance providers.

  • Bi-lingual Staff

We provide bilingual staff for the comfort of our patients.

  • Material Donations

Businesses donate items, such as office supplies, coffee service, and janitorial supplies which significantly reduces expenses.

  • Word Of Mouth

Cash donations are scarce, and advertising is too costly. We depend, entirely, on referrals and word-of-mouth marketing to let the community know what we offer.

  • Very Low Patient Fees

A complete medical eye exam costs $44 with no additional charge for special testing, when needed.

Tuesday Hennessy, O.D.

Dr. Hennessy attended the University of Central Arkansas, Conway, earning her BS in General Sciences with a Minor in Marketing. She was then accepted to the University of Missouri-St Louis College of Optometry, where she graduated with honors.

She moved to Colorado in March of 2012, living and working in Greeley. She now resides in Denver and recently joined American Vision Center. She is experienced in the treatment of glaucoma, eye infections, corneal disease, diabetic eye disease, cataracts and pre- and post-operative care of LASIK, PRK, and RK patients. She holds special interest in keratoconic eye disease and specialty contact lens fits. She has also given hundreds of pediatric eye exams and receives satisfaction when giving a child with blurry vision their first pair of glasses or contacts.

She is a member of American Optometric Association and Colorado Optometric Association and has involved herself in the community by hosting a 5K run to benefit the Lions Club, volunteering at the annual Stapleton Kids Triathalon and joining local young professional groups.
Happily living in Colorado, she enjoys hiking, snowboarding, traveling, and all the recreation the state has to offer. She and her husband welcomed their first child into the world in October 2016.